Birth of Assam College Teachers' Association

Assam College Teachers’ Association, an organisation of college teachers of Assam, is the second largest college teachers’ organisation in India, with a member strength of around 7000 (seven thousand) college teachers working in 200 (two hundred) provincialised colleges of Assam. The Association was founded in 1949 at its inaugural Nowgong College Conference with 40 college teachers serving in 14 non-government colleges, keeping in view the main objective of contributing to improving the condition of higher education in Assam. Prof. R. R. Thomas was the founder President and Prof. Mahesh Ch. Deva Goswami was the founder General Secretary of the Association. It was initially named “All Assam Non-government College Teachers’ Association” at the Nowgong College Conference. But, the very next year it was renamed as “Assam College Teachers’ Association”, in short, ACTA.

The Constitution of ACTA, which was adopted in 1961 at the Jorhat Conference, sets a number of aims and objectives for the Association. Contributing to the all round development of education in the state, in general, and collegiate education, in particular, and safeguarding the interest of the college teachers and improving the service condition and status of the college teachers are some of the main objectives of the Association.

At present, ACTA has the following organisational structure:

  • One (1) Central Executive Committee.
  • Twenty One (21) zonal committees in as many zones.
  • Two Hundred (200) teachers’ units in as many provincialised colleges
  • The central Office of ACTA is located at Solapar, Guwahati – 8